What role and what obligations do you have under REACH and CLP regulations?

The answer is the first step to ensure good management of chemicals.

Based on your activity and your product portfolio, we check your role(s), your obligations, we evalute the level of criticality and we find the the best strategy that suits your business needs.

REACH360 organizes audit at the customer site or teleconference in order to gather the information needed to establish

  • ROLE(s)

The Service may provide

analysis product portfolio
study of the chemical nature of the substance and of the production process
verify compliance of suppliers
Check Safety Data Sheets
Check classification and labeling
Assessment of available documentation
Forecasts of impact on other products / activities of the company
Study of one or more strategies
Drafting of a technical report signed by technicians

The service is intended for:

  • Manufacturers / Importers of substances and mixtures
  • Downstream users of substances and mixtures
  • Manufacturers and Importers of Articles

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