REACH360 laboratory develop and provide test and laboratory analysis for companies that have to meet REACH (Reg. 1907/2006) and CLP (Reg. 1272/2008) requirements..

The laboratory performes tests for:

  • substances characterization (sameness)
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis of impurities and additives
  • classification of substances and mixtures
  • quality control of raw materials and products
  • collection of data and parameters for Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets

on simple or complex matrices, substances (including mono / multi-constituent UVCB, organic / inorganic, synthetic or of natural origin), mixtures and articles.


REACH360 is a full solution because over tests&analysis, provides following services

  • study of analysis strategy
  • methods validation
  • evaluation of the data (consulting)
  • Research & Development (solutions)

The network of laboratories is able to perform analysis with analytical techniques such as:

  • FT-IR spectroscopy
  • ATR-IR Spectroscopy
  • X-ray Diffraction (XRD)
  • Elemental composition by XRF
  • Thermo gravimetric analysis (DSC-TGA)
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Gas chromatography / mass (GC / MS / MS)
  • chiral gas chromatography
  • Liquid chromatography (LC-ESI-MS)
  • ion chromatography
  • 1H-NMR
  • 13C-HNMR
  • GPC - Gel permeation chromatograpy (detector with IR, UV and light scattering)
  • ICP-OES (plasma atomic emission spectrometry)
  • polarimetry
  • Karl Fischer
  • optical Microscopy

The main methods used are official (Italian law) or international standards (APAT-IRSA-CNR, APHA, UNICHIM, ASTM, EN, ECVAM, OECD).
The labs are still able to develop appropriate methods and perform the validation processes.
The test reports shall be signed by the Professional Chemists registered and therefore have legal value.